Data analysis

From raw data to usable information

In the course of the grading and packing process a large amount of data is generated. Not only about the fruit that you grade and pack, but also about the process and status of your system. It requires specific expertise and tools to collect this data and interpret it correctly, so that it can be used to make your process better and more efficient.


Traceability of fruit from orchard to shelf is very important for you. Your grading installation plays a crucial role in this chain. Your fruit is carefully monitored throughout the whole process and the information is recorded. In addition our information systems are also set up to share the information with other systems such as your warehouse management system.

Continuous monitoring

In addition to the information that your grading solution provides you can also choose to use lot registration at different times in the process, so that in case of uncertainty or disaster, you can always look back to see whether anything particular has happened.

Separation between batches

In the grading process separation of the different batches or varieties is crucially important, while you want to keep this as time-efficient as possible. GREEFA offers unique solutions for changing between varieties or batches during grading.

Process optimisation

The data that are generated in the system can be used to optimise your process. The analyzer tool gives you a clear idea of the status of your system and process. Our experts would like to help you further optimise your process, for example by installing dynamic limits between different grading qualities. In this way you can optimise your total output.

Maintenance module

Your grading system gives you information about the production achieved and running times. Our maintenance module helps you with the best possible preventive maintenance for your system, which avoids downtime of the machine.

Reliable total systems

To complete your system we do of course supply the required peripheral products, such as products for labelling and for label scanning  Your system will where necessary be of a redundant design and equipped with back-up systems. This gives you reliable information, not only about your fruit, but also about the status of your system and your processes.