That’s why we move faster. Our constant innovation in sorting and packaging solutions keeps your business one step ahead. Robust and thoughtful engineering allows for low maintenance and strikes a perfect balance between fruit-friendliness, efficiency and ease of use. Every solution is accurately tailored to your exact production needs, thanks to our modular in-house produced measuring systems. You’ll enjoy maximum flexibility with the most reliable and efficient grading technology on the market today.

Grading machines

As a proud Dutch company, we operate by a typical no-nonsense design philosophy. Clear and functional design translates into solid grading machines and durable peripherals that are highly efficient, yet fruit-friendly and easy to use.

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Measuring systems

Our modular, in-house developed measuring systems are adaptable, and enable flawless grading and packaging at dizzying speeds. Impress your client with consistent product quality – and yourself with increased performance.

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We are just as dedicated to our peripherals as to our grading solutions. And for good reason, as one doesn’t function optimally without the other. Therefore, updating your peripherals to match your new grading solutions will optimize general system performance and reliability.

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