Cucumber sorting and packing machine

When it comes to cucumbers, volume and capacity are key concerns, Without making any concessions in terms of quality, of course. Over the years, GREEFA has perfected technologies for cucumber sorting machines. Two cameras register the characteristics of each cucumber. The combined two cameras assess of the vegetable’s length, diameter and curvature.

GREEFA’s QSort can process up to 27,000 cucumbers per lane per hour. This significantly reduces the amount of labor required. And we also devote great attention to ensuring good working conditions. Such as ergonomic packing solutions and a low noise level. It’s naturally possible to wrap each cucumber individually and label it with all the desired information.

Boxing the cucumbers is simple as well, thanks to the automatic box filler. The cucumbers can be packed in various types and sizes of containers, all with a focus on speed and gentle handling of the vegetables.

Interested? Take a look at one of our customers with a cucumber sorting machine: