External quality (iQS)


External quality measurement has a new benchmark. iQS captures a multitude of high-resolution images at high speed, thereby accurately determining the quality of every individual fruit. Its performance remains unequalled and sets a world standard. Boost your productivity with iQS and reap the fruit of constant innovation.

You’ll recognize this drive for innovation in our team of over 40 developers who are constantly honing iQS’ performance. The resulting ever-increasing accuracy enables detection of new and even smaller defects – which are easily added to iQS’ sorting algoritms through our advanced software architecture.

This system enables you to outperform your competition by supplying the right fruits to the right markets.


iQS Performance

iQS Performance is a modular vision system based on the well-known and proven iQS technology. The solid base is formed by the color and infrared cameras. This provides security and guarantees that you will get the high-quality results for which GREEFA is renown.

The base can be extended by increasing the number of cameras to a total of 8 additional cameras per 2 lanes. The result is a revolutionary vision system which captures an enormous number of HD images and can analyze every single irregularity in real-time, on the skin and even in the area slightly under the skin as big as 1mm².

iQS Performance provides consistency, and enables you to distinguish between different defects which until recently could not be detected.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities.