Filling systems

Fast and fruit-friendly

As market leader in pre-grading technology we offer you the most ideal solutions for filling bins with pre-graded fruit. We have products for dry filling of bins and for a submersion filler for bins. Robust solutions adapted to your situation.

Dry filling of bins

Our Gentle Bin filler (GBF) is the solution for dry filling of bins. A sleek design with patented technology ensures a constant flow for your fruit. A clever use of brushes, use of a unique double disc combined with intelligent control ensures minimum transfer differences and equal filling. There are different versions available: from basic to high-end solution. Whichever version you choose: no concessions are made for fruit-friendliness.

Submersion filling of bins

Our submersion fillers stand out because of their high robustness, speed and efficiency. The fruit remains in the water throughout the entire filling process. This guarantees fruit-friendly handling. Vacuum technology is used to give an optimum result. The fillers are made from stainless steel. The filling speed is variably adjustable.

Short channels

Innovative technology may lead to space saving! A unique lowering and lifting mechanism ensures that the water channels can be much shorter. For pears for example we have a unique solution with short channels.

Maintenance-friendly solutions

All our solutions for filling bins are very robust and maintenance-friendly. They are also easy to clean. For example, the brush and flap from our Gentle Bin Filler are removable and easy to clean.

Integrated system

Your system can be extended for example with the automatic infeed and evacuation of bins. We would be pleased to work with you to develop your integrated solution.