GeoSort Ultimate Clean

GeoSort Ultimate Clean

Hygienic sorting of fruit and vegetables

For food safety reasons, it is essential that the sorting machine itself is clean and is not a contamination source. We have upgraded the GeoSort, for which we are renown, adding stainless steel or synthetic parts. And leaving out the parts that are sensitive to dirt and contamination.

High pressure cleaning
In the whole machine you will only find sloping surfaces. The design is kept open or completely closed. GREEFA adjusted the design in such a way that the build-up of dirt and chance of bacteria growth is kept to a minimum. The user can immediately see the presence of dirt and therefore can start cleaning faster and more easily.

In all cases it is possible to clean the machine with a high-pressure steam cleaner. Some parts, such as the fruit carriers, can also be cleaned during the employees’ lunch break.

We are currently building and testing the prototype. The tests look good. In the third quarter of this year, the machine is available for sales.

Sneak Peak
Being clean has never been so much fun! Can’t wait to see the hygienic GeoSort Ultimate Clean? Leave a message below and we will contact you as soon as we can give you a sneak peak.

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