The details make the difference

Careful fruit handling contributes to an optimum presentation of your product. Cleaning, drying, brushing, waxing…  There are many possibilities. The choices that you make depend on the wishes of your clients and the specific requirements that your customers make for your fruit and vegetables.

Optimum drying

GREEFA offers you various techniques and products for drying your fruit. We have solutions where your fruit is dried with cold or hot air. It is also possible to dry your fruit for example with a sponge, sponge belt or brushes. Combinations of these are possible.

Ease of use is of prime importance. Our drying rollers can be dismantled and cleaned very quickly. Do you have limited space available for the drying process? We also have solutions for this!

Drying system for pears

Take our drying belt for pears, for example. The product is dried using air and a sponge conveyor belt. In the drying section of the grading line, the pears remain don’t move at all. As a result there is much less chance of damage such as brushing or other damage to the skin.

Gloss for your product due to better brush technology

At first sight, a brush unit seems a simple product but appearances are deceptive. The design and specific material of the brushes determine the result. The unique GREEFA system which uses top brushes in combination with bottom brushes gives a better result.

Longer shelf life

Depending on the requirements of the market you can choose to wax your fruit. Applying wax can extend the shelf life of your fruit or improve the presentation of your product. You can insert our waxers seamlessly into your total grading solution.

A clean product

Your customers are increasingly asking for a very clean product. For example for apples use our high pressure cleaner to ensure that your product is free from insects and so on. In this process we clean with maximum pressure, without damaging your fruit.

We also have specific solutions for other types of fruit. For kiwis for example GREEFA has a product to aspirate dust and dirt.


Integrated solution

Our specialists would be pleased to discuss with you the solutions for your situation and for your fruit.