Capacity and fruit-friendliness go hand in hand

The infeed is the first step in your total solution. The fruits are transported to the grading machine in a fruit-friendly and efficient way. Do you have floating or sinking fruits? Would you like to use dry or wet infeed? GREEFA can supply the most fruit-friendly solution for every situation, irrespective of the required capacity.

Water as a friendly carrier for your fruit

The crates are carefully emptied into a water tank with our submersion emptiers and then conveyed to the grading machine. Transport using water minimises the chance of damage. We have specific solutions for your floating and sinking fruits. Water treatment is of course an important issue here. This is taken into account in your total solution.

Continuous infeed of fruit

Our continuous flow through dumper empties the bins and transports them continuously through a special water tank. This gives a continuous infeed of fruit. After emptying, the bins are stacked or nested. A robust integrated solution.

Continuous infeed in small crates

For crates there is a specific solution for continuous wet infeed: the small crate flow through dumper that ensures a continuous infeed of fruit into the water tank, combined with an efficient logistics solution for the crates.

Better transfers of fruit

The quality of the whole is determined by the quality of the different sub-systems. This applies in particular for transfers in the system. Especially, as the fruits are transferred to the next part of the system, GREEFA makes the difference. Examples of this are our systems with the unique V belts that lift fruit carefully out of the water.

Dry infeed

In case of dry infeed of fruit a well-thought-out design prevents damage. We focus on every detail of every transfer. For example, our quality selection belt. This ensures a much better transfer: efficient and friendly for your fruit.

Optimum occupancy

Elevators and dosing equipment ensure a good throughput and dosing in your system. Automatic occupancy regulation ensures the optimum use of the capacity of your grading installation.

Total solution

GREEFA offers you a wide range of products to complete your grading solution. You can choose from our bin and pallet washers. We also have solutions for the logistics of your bins. For example do you also want to include a pre-sorter or quality selection belt in your grading process? Of course, that’s also possible.

Customized to match your requirements

With GREEFA, you choose high quality solutions that are optimally integrated into a perfect total solution that stands out in high efficiency and fruit-friendliness. You can choose high quality products from the GREEFA range. In addition GREEFA works with carefully selected partners. Our specialists will help you look for the ideal solution for your situation.