Internal logistics

Smart logistics solutions

The total design of your grading solution does of course also include internal transport and logistics. Capacity and space are key words here. Within the available space we work with you to find the correct solution for an efficient and faultless process.

Transport of bins

As market leader in pre-grading technology, we offer you a number of products for the optimum handling of empty and filled bins. Our range includes stackers and de-stackers, bin wagons, bin-lifts…. In short: all the solutions required for efficient handling of your bins.


For example choose our robust Binmatic, a robot designed to transport empty and filled bins in a horizontal and vertical direction. Depending on the precise lay-out, the capacity is around 125 bin movements per hour! You can choose a basic version or a high-end version with additional options.

Less space

The iBin is also designed to move empty or full bins in a horizontal and vertical direction. The iBin saves space in the building because the unit moves above the bin stacks. Bins of different sizes can be processed automatically, thanks to the automatic height-finder.

Smart and flexible palletisation

Our palletising solutions score highly in flexibility. A wide range of box sizes can be formed and placed on a pallet in various ways. You can place boxes on a pallet quickly and easily with our palletising solution. You can quickly teach the system the formation pattern you require.

Your total solution

GREEFA supplies you with a wide range of products to complete your logistics solution. Examples also include transport systems such as belts, roller tracks, chain tracks and chutes. In addition we provide solutions for example for buffering packed product. Perhaps you would also like a weight checking unit for filled packs?  The best solution always starts with the correct lay-out. We would be pleased to help you develop the right lay-out for your situation.