Innovation in packing

Are you looking for an efficient and ergonomic solution for manual packing? Or are you looking for a solution for filling boxes, bags or trays in a very fruit-friendly manner? GREEFA offers a wide range of solutions: varying from ergonomic packing sets for manual packing to robotic packing solutions. Our Research & Development team is working continuously on new, pioneering solutions in the area of packing.


We are proud to present the SmartPackr. This unique packing robot positions your fruit on a tray fully automatically. All the fruits can be positioned with blush-side up. We point the stems all in the same direction. The exact orientation can be adjusted depending on your wishes.

Smart use of vision technology
The GREEFA SmartPackr makes smart use of vision technology, both for the tray and the fruit. The SmartPackr recognises the tray itself and sees the hollows in which the fruit must be positioned. No extra operations for adjusting or turning round the fruit on each tray are therefore necessary. As an option the SmartPackr can be extended with GREEFA’s unique iQS system, so that a final quality check can be carried out, before the fruit placed on the tray.

Optimum combination

Whether you want to pack in bags, nets, trays or boxes, GREEFA offers you specific solutions for your situation. Our solutions enable you to fill very accurately. You only have to enter the weight or number of fruits. Our iPWC (intelligent Package Weight & Counts) software solution ensures optimum combinations of individual fruits to reach the required total weight per pack. This results in a better yield for you.

Packing in bags

For example choose our Gentle Poly Bagger (GPB) for careful high capacity packing in bags. Various configurations are possible: a stand-alone solution, use at the outlet from the grading machine or on a packing table.

Packing in boxes

Vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers can be filled automatically to the required weight or number in bins or crates in a very friendly and efficient manner, after which the box or crate can be discharged either manually or automatically as required. For cucumbers we have a unique, patented solution for filling boxes very efficiently.

Tray packers

Fruits like kiwis and apples can be placed on trays with the automatic tray packer. The exact positioning can if required then be adjusted manually, after which the trays can be placed in a box, possibly with several layers per box.

Manual packing

Manual packing involves your employees being able to work efficiently and ergonomically, whether you choose for example an accumulating belt solution or a rotating packing table. We therefor pay a lot of attention in the design to ergonomics and the options for correct dosing or infeed of fruit.

Integrated total solution

To complete your solution, you can choose from our solutions for infeed and internal logistics. To de-stack your trays you can use our denester. In addition you can think of solutions for labelling your products and sealing the packs. We would be pleased to work with you on your integrated packing solution.