Tomato sorting and packing machine

Tomatoes can vary greatly in size and relative dimensions. The demands of consumers, however, are much less variable. And they want a tomato with the right flavor, that’s ripe yet retains its firmness. That’s why timing is vital for a tomato sorting and packing machine, like the SmartSort.

GREEFA enables you to determine the quality and set the right specifications. Our measuring systems can sort by color and diameter. Our system for measuring external quality can detect blemishes. And particularly important in field-grown tomatoes. They may have weather-related damage or signs of insect activity.

Thanks to our measuring system for internal quality, the brix value can be determined as well. All without damaging the skin of the tomato. If you are looking to pack and distribute round tomatoes or beef tomatoes. GREEFA offers the best combination of speed, efficiency and quality.