Kiwi sorting and packing machine

A green or gold kiwi may look unremarkable, yet the shape of this fruit was quite a challenge for us while developing the SmartSort kiwi sorting machine. This is why we measure the length and the diameter at its largest and smallest points, in order to accurately estimate the shape. Consumers also have high standards when it comes to the ripeness of the fruit. You want to sell kiwis when they are perfectly ripe.

GREEFA handles kiwis with the care they deserve. Not only do our sensors pick up on external blemishes, such as black spots and holes, they also monitor the sugar (Brix) content and ripeness. Our systems enable you to sort and pack kiwis quickly, efficiently and carefully. That way, you can deliver kiwis with the desired quality and ripeness to your customers as quickly as possible.

Interested? Take a look at one of our customers with a kiwi sorting machine: