Pear sorting and packing machine

GREEFA’s roots lie in a region that was traditionally known for growing pears. Better than anyone, we know that individual pears can differ from one another quite a bit – in flavour, in firmness and particularly in shape.  This poses a challenge when it comes to finding the ideal pear sorting and packing machine.

Our CombiSort is the optimum sorting machine for fruits with an oblong form, such as pears. It can be used to sort and pack pears of different varieties, all without any concessions in terms of quality.

At GREEFA, we understand that internal flaws like brown spots or rot are a serious issue with pears, as they render the pears unsuitable for sale.  Thanks to our advanced measuring system for internal quality, we can detect these problems with no trouble at all. What’s more, you can measure the Brix content of the pears while you’re at it.  When the fruit arrives, the ‘belly’ of each pear is scanned lengthwise. This makes it possible to conduct the measuring process perfectly, no matter which way the pear is turned. Our measuring system for external quality allows us to detect pear rust and rough patches, among other blemishes. We offer tailor-made technologies to help you deliver high-quality products to your customers, fast.

Interested? Take a look at one of our customers with a CombiSort pear sorting machine:

Relevant data enhances value and efficiency throughout the production chain. GREEFA’s machine technology has enabled us to standardize quality – thereby realizing our goal of enhanced efficiency.

– Kees de Kat, General Director at FruitMasters, the Netherlands