Packing robot for apples

Our packing robot is fast and optimally designed for consistent packaging of high-quality fruit. It fills trays and open top boxes at a rate of up to two fruits per second.
And to ensure the quality of the packed fruit by a final quality scan, the robot can be optionally fitted with GREEFA’s measuring system for external quality detection (iQS) and a final scan for color.

Machine operation and touch screen

The fruits enter the robot’s domain on an infeed belt and rotate on the diabolo unit to the packing mechanism. Blushes and orientation are recognized to help place them in the right position for pick-up with the robot arm. Which then checks if this fits the relevant tray before actually placing it there with blush side up and in the selected stem-calyx orientation.

It’s fast and very fruit-friendly.

As soon as it’s completely filled, the tray is carefully transported on an evacuation belt for further handling – usually to a box-filling station.


Key specifications SmartPackr


  • Capacity up to two fruits per second
  • Very fruit-friendly
  • 60 – 100 mm size fruit
  • Consistent packaging
  • Automatic check for fruit and tray size
  • Applicable directly to a sorter or in a packing line


  • Selectable stem-calyx orientation
  • Presentation apple with blush side up
GREEFA SmartPackr
GREEFA SmartPackr packing robot for apples


GREEFA SmartPackr
SmartPackr gently picking up apple


  • Packing in separate trays or in open top boxes
  • Recognizes different trays and tray types
  • Maximum fust / tray size 400 mm / 600 mm
  • Touch screen
  • Easy-to-use machine operation by touch screen
  • Touch screen moveable


  • Modular design
  • Upgradeable, depending on required capacity and available space


  • Final scan for color
  • External quality detection (iQS)
  • Tray denester
  • To be integrated in the sorting and packing line