On this page you can register for training in sorting programs or measuring systems.

What do the training sessions entail?

During our training sessions we take you to our demo room. In this room we have several types of sorting machines, with a variety of measurement systems which are suitable for specific fruit types (apples/pears/citrus). The machine that fits your needs best will be used during the training.

The training starts with an explanation of how the software works. After we have covered the basics we will take you to one of the machines. You will learn to operate the machine and practise how to set up and optimize your sorting programs. You can also learn how the different measurement systems work and how to operate them.

While practising we will provide you with feedback to make sure you fully understand the way the software works.

After finishing the training you will have the knowledge to run and operate the machine.


Sorting program

  • Survey of the sorting software
  • Learn how to create your own sorting program
  • Adding varieties to the machine
  • Working with the lot system, lot reporting
  • How to get a report from the sorted lots
  • Tools and statistics
  • Basic trouble shooting

iQS for external quality detection and/or iPIX for grey mould detection

  • Survey of the vision system, including the class editor
  • Creating a preset (quality sorting settings)
  • Improving your preset while sorting
  • Tips and tricks for improving your sorting
  • Basic trouble shooting

iFA for internal quality detection

  • Survey of the iFA system, including mechanics, optics, hardware and software
  • How to work with iFA
  • How to improve your machine recognition of internal defects
  • Recording spectra (fruit light profiles)
  • Basic trouble shooting


The list above comprises the standard software and measuring systems. If you need training at another topic, for example tailored software, please mention this in the remark field on the registration page below.



To register for training at the GREEFA office in Tricht (Netherlands), please complete the following fields:

Registration for training

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After registration, you will receive a confirmation within two working days. You will also receive a list of recommended hotels and transport to our office. If you have any questions with regard to your training, please send an email to

The training is free of charge if this is included in the purchase of your sorting machine; if not, you will receive a quote for the requested training.

Travel and accommodation costs are for your own account. You will receive a lunch on the training days. If you have dietary requirements, please inform us in advance at