Apple sorting machine

Apples are a delicate fruit that must be handled with care. But at the same time, you want your capacity for an apple sorting and packing machine to be high. At GREEFA, we combine speed with the gentle handling fruit requires. The GeoSort, the sorting machine par excellence for apples and delicate fruits, transports the apple in a pre-moulded cup and limits the number of transfers en route to a minimum.

When measuring, we make use of innovative technologies to assess the quality of apples, both inside and out. Our HD cameras inspect the external quality of the fruit for discoloration and bitter pit, while we use our measuring system for internal quality to identify the sugar content, ripeness and any internal defects, among other things. We also sort the apples by diameter and color, of course.

When it’s time to purchase a new presorting or sizing and packaging line, GREEFA can provide you with a convenient total solution. We offer all the equipment you need for the business of supplying fruit – including internal transport and traceability. You can also realize considerable savings in labour costs with our robot that packages apples in trays, the SmartPackr™. The result? An efficient logistical process and optimum quality.

Ever since the very first sorting machine was introduced, GREEFA has led the market in apple-sorting solutions. We know everything there is to know about apples. That is why, all around the globe, apple-packaging facilities choose GREEFA.

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Pear sorting and packing machine

GREEFA’s roots lie in a region that was traditionally known for growing pears. Better than anyone, we know that individual pears can differ from one another quite a bit – in flavour, in firmness and particularly in shape.  This poses a challenge when it comes to finding the ideal pear sorting and packing machine.

Our CombiSort is the optimum sorting machine for fruits with an oblong form, such as pears. It can be used to sort and pack pears of different varieties, all without any concessions in terms of quality.

At GREEFA, we understand that internal flaws like brown spots or rot are a serious issue with pears, as they render the pears unsuitable for sale.  Thanks to our advanced measuring system for internal quality, we can detect these problems with no trouble at all. What’s more, you can measure the Brix content of the pears while you’re at it.  When the fruit arrives, the ‘belly’ of each pear is scanned lengthwise. This makes it possible to conduct the measuring process perfectly, no matter which way the pear is turned. Our measuring system for external quality allows us to detect pear rust and rough patches, among other blemishes. We offer tailor-made technologies to help you deliver high-quality products to your customers, fast.

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Tomato sorting and packing machine

Tomatoes can vary greatly in size and relative dimensions. The demands of consumers, however, are much less variable. And they want a tomato with the right flavor, that’s ripe yet retains its firmness. That’s why timing is vital for a tomato sorting and packing machine, like the SmartSort.

GREEFA enables you to determine the quality and set the right specifications. Our measuring systems can sort by color and diameter. Our system for measuring external quality can detect blemishes. And particularly important in field-grown tomatoes. They may have weather-related damage or signs of insect activity.

Thanks to our measuring system for internal quality, the brix value can be determined as well. All without damaging the skin of the tomato. If you are looking to pack and distribute round tomatoes or beef tomatoes. GREEFA offers the best combination of speed, efficiency and quality.

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Citrus fruits

Citrus sorting and packing machine

GREEFA offers high speed citrus sorting machines for oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes and grapefruits. All the machines are modular. So, you can add (now or later) measuring systems for external and internal quality. These measuring systems detect misshapen fruits, fruits with a low specific weight, or dried-out or cracked fruits.

UV light and special filters can also detect pixat (grey mould) as small as 1mm2. This prevents from a complete batch to arrive rotten at the port of destination.

Our SmartSort is suited to sort citrus fruits at high speed, even with the leaves attached.


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Kiwi sorting and packing machine

A green or gold kiwi may look unremarkable, yet the shape of this fruit was quite a challenge for us while developing the SmartSort kiwi sorting machine. This is why we measure the length and the diameter at its largest and smallest points, in order to accurately estimate the shape. Consumers also have high standards when it comes to the ripeness of the fruit. You want to sell kiwis when they are perfectly ripe.

GREEFA handles kiwis with the care they deserve. Not only do our sensors pick up on external blemishes, such as black spots and holes, they also monitor the sugar (Brix) content and ripeness. Our systems enable you to sort and pack kiwis quickly, efficiently and carefully. That way, you can deliver kiwis with the desired quality and ripeness to your customers as quickly as possible.

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Mango sorting and packing machine

With mangoes, it’s all about quality, color and size. The GREEFA CombiSort provides a mango sorting machine which enables growers to deliver mangoes that meet the specifications in these areas.

Our cameras assess the external quality of the fruit, detecting blemishes such as scrapes and rotten spots. Lastly, we can sort by weight with extreme accuracy.

The measuring systems are integrated into an efficient sorting and packing machine. And combines speed, quality and the unique characteristics of mangoes.

Stone fruits

Stone fruit sorting and packing machine

Stone fruits such as round peaches, paraguayos, apricots, nectarines and plums all have one thing in common: they are extremely delicate. The challenge, therefore, is to develop a stone fruit sorting machine to sort and pack fruits in a range of colors, qualities and dimensions. And not to mention efficient and gentle handling of this vulnerable fruit. These are also fruits that tend to ripen quite quickly. This means time is of the essence.

GREEFA has developed technologies for the specific purpose of sorting and packing stone fruits. These solutions combine speed, gentle fruit handling and quality. Our measuring systems detect the diameter, color and any external blemishes, such as rot, rough bits and signs of insect activity. Our sorting technologies allow you to guarantee your customers high quality and proper ripeness.

Our GeoSort is the ultimate solution when it comes to sorting stone fruits in varying shapes. It can be used to sort and pack at high speeds, without any concessions to the quality of the fruit.


Cucumber sorting and packing machine

When it comes to cucumbers, volume and capacity are key concerns, Without making any concessions in terms of quality, of course. Over the years, GREEFA has perfected technologies for cucumber sorting machines. Two cameras register the characteristics of each cucumber. The combined two cameras assess of the vegetable’s length, diameter and curvature.

GREEFA’s QSort can process up to 27,000 cucumbers per lane per hour. This significantly reduces the amount of labor required. And we also devote great attention to ensuring good working conditions. Such as ergonomic packing solutions and a low noise level. It’s naturally possible to wrap each cucumber individually and label it with all the desired information.

Boxing the cucumbers is simple as well, thanks to the automatic box filler. The cucumbers can be packed in various types and sizes of containers, all with a focus on speed and gentle handling of the vegetables.

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Avocado sorting and packing machine

Avocados vary in terms of shape, size and color. Hass avocados, for instance, are round, while the Fuerte variety is oblong and pear-shaped. This requires an avocado sorting machine that has the right sorting options and measuring systems.

Besides shape, detecting dark spots is also important. Our measurement systems allow you to set your own quality parameters as the basis for sorting the avocados. That way, you decide which products are sent out for delivery to your customers and when.

Fast, efficient and with a focus on quality. With our sorting and packaging solutions, you can sort avocados according to quality, shape and color, and then package them quickly and efficiently.


Courgette sorting and packing machine

As with cucumbers and aubergines, courgettes (zucchini) have a shape that places certain demands on the sorting and packing process. GREEFA’s sorting solutions combine processing speed, cost management and quality control. The QSort courgette sorting machine allows you to easily sort based on length, diameter, weight and curvature. This helps you ensure your products, in the quality you desire, are on store shelves as quickly as possible.

The QSort combines a high capacity with proper respect for your products. We also devote great attention to ensuring good working conditions, such as ergonomic packing solutions and a low noise level. By attaching peripheral equipment as desired, you can take advantage of a wide range of packaging possibilities.