iQS Performance Plus

iQS Performance Plus

iQS Performance Plus is a modular vision system based on the well-known and proven iQS technology. The solid base is formed by the color and infrared cameras.
This provides security and guarantees that you will get the high-quality results for which GREEFA is renown.

The base can be extended by increasing the number of cameras to a total of 8 additional cameras per 2 lanes.
The result is a revolutionary vision system which captures an enormous number of HD images and can analyse every single irregularity in realtime, on the skin and even in the area slightly under the skin as big as 1mm2.

iQS Performance Plus provides consistency and enables you to distinguish between different defects which until recently could not be detected.

Recognition of defects

Stem crack

The black area around the stem could be dirt or just the ordinary stem. iQS Performance Plus distinguishes stem crack form the stem area. The information from different cameras is combined and the crack can easily be recognized. Even fresh cracks.


Fresh punctures are difficult to detect, even with the naked eye. iQS Performance Plus enables to easily distinguish fresh punctures from skin marks and other minor surface defects.
Existing or old punctures can be detected with IR cameras. Though, these defects are rather difficult to distinguish from superficial skin marks or scald. This allows you to send the apples with punctures and the apples with superficial skin marks to different quality classes.

Bitter pit

Bitterpit (and corking) can rather easily be detected with the conventional cameras. However, it is not so easy to distinguish from defects such as bruises, skin marks, wind damage, scratch marks and russet. It is no surprise that our measuring system iQS Performance Plus has absolutely no problem with that.


Hail spots on dark red fruit varieties are really hard to detect with the naked eye. Even color and IF cameras fi nd it hard to detect these spots. The new performance mode lights up the area and has no problem in detecting the hail spots.


Bruising is another spot which is difficult to detect with the naked eye, especially when it is on the dark red side of the apple. The bruise spots turn up black in the new iQS Performance Plus mode, which makes it easier to detect. It is also easier to differentiate the bruises from other defects. This gives you more control on the final grade classes.