Automatic TrayPackr

Tray packing robot for apples

The Automatic TrayPackr is a game-changer in automated packing. It blends efficiency, consistency, and delicate handling into one advanced system. The TrayPackr is designed to significantly cut down on labor and ensures uniform packing. It processes up to 320 apples per minute per unit.

Its standout features include fruit orientation, ease of maintenance and seamless integration with existing packing setups and full box transport.

Due to increased labour shortages we saw a new challenge for packing apples. The ATP is engineered for high packing rates, durability, easy operation with fewer people involved. ATP has a high efficiency and uses a rotation arm with few moveable parts, it is robust, moves very fast and smoothly  without compromising the fruit handling.

The Automatic TrayPackr differs from the precision-oriented SmartPackr and is designed for large volumes. It is celebrated for its speed, space efficiency and direct sorting machine integration, proven by successful introduction in the US, Canada and Australia (now 16 double units). This showcases its market readiness and performance superiority.

How it works:

  • Elevating the fruits when installed on an existing grading machine
  • Singulation, buffering and separation of fruits
  • Camera scanning for fruit orientation (also fruits with labels)
  • Pick and place by multi head robot arms
  • Discharge of fruits through tray belt
  • Automatic placement of trays in box (optional)
  • Automatic full box transport via conveyor belt (optional)

Dimensions and floor space:

  • L 4,820 x W 2,100 (3.500 mm with open doors) x H 2,850
  • L 15’-10” x W 6’-11” (11’-6”with open doors) x H 9’-4”