Grade and pack peppers

The market for peppers is highly competitive: growers and distributors are under pressure to deliver good quality at a low price. GREEFA allows you to quickly and efficiently assess the quality based on colour, shape and size. Our measurement system for external quality can detect blemishes – such as scorch marks – as small as 1 mm2. This enables you to sort for the desired quality and then have the produce packaged automatically. That way, you can deliver the perfect peppers to your customers, quickly and efficiently.

In addition to efficient pepper-sorting solutions, we also offer intelligent solutions for automatic box-filling, buffering and palletising the boxes.

We aim for long term relationships with our suppliers, so this also goes for our relationship with GREEFA.
Our previous GREEFA sorting machine was ready to be replaced after 17 years.
GREEFA understands the logistics process in our company. The process of designing the machine has resulted in an efficient machine.
GREEFA has once again proved that they are a reliable supplier. Even under high pressure, they have met all the arrangements, including the delivery time. Within only 12 weeks after signing the order, the machine was fully operational!

–  Rob Moors, Owner of Kwekerij Moors, the Netherlands